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Food Truck Inspections

Enclosed concession trailers and food trucks are autonomous and self-sufficient entities. They must be furnished with mechanical refrigeration, a functional plumbing system.

The local health department inspects all food trucks.

We can help make sure you are compliant with all your plumbing and gas lines.

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  • Commercial-Grade Equipment: All equipment used must be listed as
  • commercial and certified by a recognized testing agency (e.g. NSF,
  • ETL sanitation, UL sanitation). TLCHD does not permit the use of household equipment within mobile food service units.

Plumbing Fixtures:

Hand Washing Sink: At least one (1) employee handwashing sink is required. Must be equipped with soap, disposable towels or hand dryers, and trash receptacle. Required to have signs reminding employees to wash hands with hot water that reaches at least 100°F. NOTE: Each sink can only be used for its designated purpose (hand washing or dishwashing or food prep).

Food Preparation Sink: A food preparation sink will be required if food is washed, rinsed, soaked, thawed, and/or cooled within a mobile food service unit.

Backflow Prevention Device: All directly connected water lines shall have a proper backflow prevention device. Mobile food service units may use an ASSE 1012 or ASSE 1024 dual check backflow prevention device.

Local Regulations

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Plumbing Lines

We can help with all plumbing water lines.


Gas Line Check

Our inspections catch any leaks or issues with your gas lines.

Tankless Hot Water Heater Maintenance, Repair & Installation

Hot Water Tank Safety

Essential hot water, essential safety. We'll check your tank's gas connections for leaks, guaranteeing you have hot water safely when needed.