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Why Pipe Doctor of Toledo, Ohio

Great plumbers with knowledge and professionalism are NOT EXTINCT!

Innovative Technology

  • Enables repairs that cause less damage to your home's plumbing, landscaping, and hardscaping
  • Streamlined repairs for shorter repair times and reduced cost of labor
  • Longer lasting solutions backed by the longest industry warranties

Experts With Multiple Options

  • Maintenance options or permanent solutions
  • One-stop service company with a range of services to meet your needs

Permanent Solutions

  • Trusted service experts who provide repairs for permanent solutions
  • Longest industry warranties

Affordable Options

  • Reduced cost through smart technology and streamlined projects
  • Multiple options to fit your budget
  • One-stop service company with a range of

    services to meet your needs


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We take extreme pride in helping our customers in any way we can.

We also encourage everyone to do good deeds for our neighbors and strangers alike. Please help someone in need, every chance you may get.

God Bless,

  • Eric R. Wagner
  • Owner / Operator - Pipe Doctor
  • Toledo, Ohio

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