Preferred Patient Plans

Have you ever wondered why your pipes rattle or your toilet flushes on its own? Do you have a high water bill, or do your pipes make strange noises? Well, you are not alone! Many homeowners experience similar problems. Luckily these issues can be easily fixed with the help of a trained plumber.

PipeDoctor's Preferred Patient Plan was created to give our loyal customers an added bonus for their continued dedication to our company.

With our Preferred Patient Plan you’ll receive:

  • Priority scheduling

  • Free service dispatch to your home

  • No emergency fees (nights, weekends, holidays) with service rendered

  • Free sewer camera with main line cleaning

  • Free water heater clean and check

  • 10% off service performed

  • Free whole-house safety and reliability visual inspection per year

  • Lifetime repair warranty (premium parts used)

  • Extended new install warranty (12 years)

  • $50 cash loyalty via Doctor Dollars towards a new water heater

  • $20/year cash loyalty via Doctor Dollars towards a new faucet

Just like your body, you may want a "checkup" for your plumbing system. Call the Pipe Doctor and one of our experienced technicians will perform an annual inspection of your plumbing system. This service helps to solve existing issues as well as to prevent potential plumbing emergencies.

We offer 3 plans to fit your needs and budget. Each plan covers your entire plumbing system so you can rest assured that everything is operating safely and efficiently.

Payment Plans

  • 1 year for $299, get 13th month free
  • 2 year for $499, get 3rd year free


  • 1 year for $249
  • 2 year for $449