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Backflow in your pipes should be continually monitored at your home in Toledo. Backflow testing is another area of expertise by Pipe Doctor Plumbing. Most areas, including Toledo, require continuous testing in a home to make sure it is safe and free from contamination.

What Is Backflow?

Basically, it is when pipes get contaminated because of broken pipes or too much pressure within the pipes. Many different problems can occur that can cause backflow to your pipes. Backflow becomes an issue because contaminated water can come into contact with drinking water piping. Your pipes should have a backflow prevention mechanism that should be tested regularly to keep your pipes safe.

Why Should I Be Concerned?

According to the Ohio EPA, backflow can pose a potential health risk. Contaminated water entering your drinking water supply can lead to many issues like chemical burns, fires, explosions, poisonings, illness and death. In areas with regulations, you are responsible for implementing a backflow prevention system to eliminate the risk of contaminating your or others' drinking water. There are many ways a homeowner or consumer can cause a hazard that may lead to backflow. Some include, lawn irrigation systems, hose connections, swimming pools, water-operated sump drain devices and more.

What Should I Do?

The Ohio EPA recommends that you become aware of backflow and take action on preventing it. You should install a testable backflow prevention system and have it tested regularly. It is the consumer/homeowner's responsibility, and in some areas of Ohio, it is required by law to have and monitor a backflow prevention system.

At Pipe Doctor Plumbing, our expert technicians are certified to test and install Back Flow Check Valves in both Commercial and Residential properties. Our technicians combine their vast knowledge and the latest tools and techniques to ensure that your back flow prevention devices are operating properly.

Pipe Dr Eric Wagner

Pipe Dr Eric Wagner

Back Flow Certified

Our technicians can also offer you resolutions to prevent breakdowns in your equipment. They will make sure that your reduced pressure zones are operating properly.

Backflow testing in Toledo is an important requirement to ensure that your pipes are safe. Call Pipe Doctor Plumbing today to make an appointment to have your backflow prevention systems tested today and bring peace of mind to your plumbing.


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What is the difference between a backflow preventer and a RPZ?

A Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) lets you know that the valve is working properly.

RPZ backflow preventers consist of two independent check valves. They work like a double-check backflow preventer, but they also have an intermediate relief valve that opens to atmosphere if both check valves should fail.

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