Home Winterization and Frozen Pipe Repair

Pipe Doctor can help you with home winterization and frozen pipes!

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Frozen Pipe Repair

In the event that your pipes have frozen or burst during the winter months, we can help with both drain and water lines.

  • Unthawing pipes
  • Repairing broken pipes
  • Replacing pipes

24- Hour emergency service

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Home Winterization

Going Away For The Winter?

If you are going away for the winter season and your home will be left vacant, it is important to get it winterized.

Winterizing your home reduces energy costs and can prevent damage to your plumbing system from frozen or burst pipes.

Pipe Doctor's winterization service helps make your home safe from water damage during the winter.

Winterizing Your Home

The last you things you want to come home to after the winter are burst pipes and high energy bills. We offer winterization services that will prepare your home for being vacant during the cold months.

Winterization Services Include:

  • Draining pipes and prep heating/cooling systems
  • Turning off water supplies
  • Line sink drains and toilets with antifreeze

De­-Winterizing Your Home

When you return to your winterized home, count on us to reverse the winterization and get your home back to normal. Our plumbers will turn your utilities back on and make sure they are functioning correctly. All of the water will be restored in your plumbing system, and drains will be cleared of antifreeze.