Flo Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff By Moen

The Intelligent System That Detects Leaks Before Disaster Strikes - Sold & Installed By Toledo's #1 Plumber!

  • Flo Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff
  • Use Your Smartphone To Interact With The Flo Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff

Flo Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff By Moen

Has the thought of water leaks, a running toilet or a dripping faucet in the house crossed your mind? The thought of a high water bill, damage and repairs due to an unforeseen circumstance can now be reduced with a Flo, which is a Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff by Moen. Flo monitors the temperature and pressure of your home's water and tracks the water usage, allowing the intelligent system to detect leaks as small as a drop a minute- throughout your home. Another addition to having a Flo installed, is that it can automatically shut off the water before a catastrophic leak occurs. Plus, you can control and interact with the system via your smart phone. Pipe Doctor is proud to sell and install Flo Smart Water Monitors & Shutoffs by Moen. Put the idea of having an unknown leak or major water damage in the back of your mind and get yours today! Contact us to learn more or to set up an appointment.

  • FloSense™ 3.0 technology learns your home and usage patterns so it can quickly sense irregularities and alert you of potential leaks.
  • MicroLeak™ runs daily health tests to ensure your home’s plumbing network is running efficiently while identifying leaks as small as a single drop per minute.
  • Real-time alerts allow you to remotely turn off the water from the Moen Smart Water App, or the device can be set to automatically close the valve to help prevent catastrophic damage.

Benefits Of A Flo Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff

  • Offers security for your home's water
  • Remote and automatic options to shut off valve help to prevent catastrophic damage
  • 24/7 protection from catastrophic water damage, allowing you to turn your water on/off from the app manually or Flo by Moen will automatically turn off the water for you to protect your home
  • Daily leak tests using MicroLeak Technology that proactively monitors the security of the home's entire water system (including behind walls and in foundations) to identify leaks as small as a drop per minute (e.g. pinhole leaks, etc.)
  • Get all of your alerts in real-time through your Flo by Moen app
  • FloSense Technology enhances Flo the device security parameters and optimizes water savings by understanding the homes water use and tailoring protection to each home
  • Use the app Dashboard to see how much water you're consuming daily and set conservation goals to encourage saving water and money for your home
  • See live water use including: water flow rate (gpm), pressure (psi) and temperature using the apps control panel
  • See historical data of your home's water consumption
  • Compatible with 3/4 - 1 1/4 in. pipe diameter (consult a professional)
  • Compatible with: Alexa skills and Google Assistant; no smart hub or system required; requires Wi-Fi connection; requires standard AC/DC power connection
  • No point sensors or other leak sensors needed

Real Time Usage - Control & Monitor Water Anytime, From Anywhere!

Live Look At Flo Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff
Live Look At Flo Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff
Live Look At Flo Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff